ShalkiyaZinc Group (the “Group”) comprises LLP ShakiyaZinc Ltd, the Group’s operating company founded in Kazakhstan in 2001 (the “Operating Company”) and ShalkiyaZinc NV, a company founded in the  Netherlands in November 2006 for the purpose of  raising capital for ShalkiyaZinc Group in the international capital markets (the “Issuer”).   Shortly after its incorporation, the Issuer became the sole parent company of the Kazakhstan-based Operating Company and issued Global Depositary Receipts listed on the London Stock Exchange, thereby raising over US $100 million in the international capital markets for the expansion of ShalkiyaZinc Group’s operations and substantially diversifying ShalkiyaZinc’s investor base. 


The establishment of a Unitary Board, which replaces its former two tier management structure comprising a Supervisory Board and a Management Board, was recommended in a Corporate Governance Review by PricewaterhouseCoopers and approved by the Annual General Meeting of ShalkiyaZinc N.V. on 18 June 2008.

Upon completion of the capital investment by SAT & Company of US$50 million in ShalkiyaZinc in January 17, 2011 in consideration for an equity interest  equal to 81.39% of the enlarged issued share capital of ShalkiyaZinc. On January 30, 2012 with the acquisition of an aggregate number of 4,206,664 shares in ShalkiyaZinc from Zinc Investments I B.V., Zinc Investments II B.V. and Zinc Investments III B.V. by SAT & Company JSC it now owns approximately 98.56 percent of the entire issued share capital of ShalkiyaZinc N.V.

As of December 19, 2011 ShalkiyaZinc’s management board consists of the following individuals: Kenges Rakishev, Rollan Mussinov and Alken Kuanbay.


Kenges Rakishev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Kenges Rakishev, aged 32, is the Chairman of JSC “SAT&Company” since November 2008. Since August 2011 he is a non-executive director and Chairman of SAT & Co Netherlands N.V.  and from September 2011 Mr. Kenges Rakishev is a director of SatFerro Limited. As of December 2010, Mr. Kenges Rakishev is a Chairman of several companies- “Jinsheng SAT (Tianjin) Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.”, “Ulanhot Jinyuanda Heavy Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.”, “Baicheng Jinsheng Nickel Industry Co.,Ltd.”, Taonan City Jinsheng Metallurgical Products Co. From October 2004 to present Mr. Rakishev serves as a Vice- President of the “Union of Chambers of Commerce of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Mr. Rakishev holds B.A.(Law) from the Kazakh State Law Academy and B.A (International Economics). Mr. Rakishev also has AMP Diploma from Oxford University. Mr.Rakishev is not independent as defined in the Dutch Code.

Rollan Mussinov

Non-Executive Director 

Mr.Rollan Mussinov as non-executive chairman of the Management Board. Mr. Mussinov, aged 32, is currently the First Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SAT & Company, a position he has held since January 2009. Mr. Mussinov also acts as chairman of the board of JSC KazFerroStal. From 2007 to 2009 he served on the board of directors of JSC Nur Trust (Asset Management). Previously, from May to October 2007 he was a Vice-President of United Capital LLP, and between September 2006 and April 2007 he was a Vice-President of Investment Banking at Kaspi Bank JSC. Between October 2003 and July 2006 Mr. Mussinov was an executive director of the Kazakhstan Investment Fund. Mr. Mussinov holds a MA in International Relations with major in Finance from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Mr. Mussinov does not hold any share capital in ShalkiyaZinc.  

Alken Kuanbay

Executive Director

Mr. Alken Kuanbay, aged 32, is currently the acting General Director of LLP ShallkiyaZinc LTD., has more than 10 years of experience in accounting, auditing and corporate finance. Prior to his appointment as Chief Financial Officer of Shalkiya Zinc Ltd. he served in KazGranit Corporation LLP. as a Chief Financial Officer and Exillon Energy Plc. as a Finance Director. He was for 5 years with Big 4 including 4 years with Deloitte and 1 year with Ernst  & Young. Mr. Alken Kuanbay holds B.A. from Kazakh State Academy of Management.



General Director of the Operating Company

The Operating Company is managed by its acting General Director, Alken Kuanbay, who is elected by the Operating Company’s shareholders. The acting General Director is in charge of directing the Operating Company’s day-to-day business management and is authorised to appoint the Company’s senior management.

Senior management of the Company

The following senior managers are in charge of the Company’s management (including day-to-day management):

Alken Kuanbay

Acting General Director and Chief Financial Officer